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No API to ignore values in bar chart series

Added by Jan Goyvaerts almost 11 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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For example, for stacked bar charts it makes no sense to show something when there's no data in a particular series. Returning zero causes the bar chart to contain a flat rectangle. There should be nothing drawn at all.


unwanted.avi (2.19 MB) unwanted.avi Jan Goyvaerts, 08/06/2013 04:04 PM
no data.png (138 KB) no data.png Jan Goyvaerts, 08/08/2013 12:12 PM
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Updated by Jan Goyvaerts almost 11 years ago

What's presumably an unwanted side effect of stacking zero-value rectangles is shown in the included video.

It looks like the renderer is having difficulties to decide what's on top. Obviously it's not what is expected from a bar chart. :-)

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Updated by Jan Goyvaerts almost 11 years ago

Another reason to hide "zero-value bars" is that they're making it impossible to distinguish with cases of near-zero values. Which should be shown indeed.

For example assuming a count, when the aggregated maximum value is 1000, the value 1 will probably be shown as a flat rectangle. But there's no way to tell it from a zero value.

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Updated by Korneel Dumon almost 11 years ago

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Updated by Jan Goyvaerts almost 11 years ago

To illustrate the issue : given the bar chart, it looks like there's a huge amount of low/small values represented by the gray area's. While in fact there's no data at all. It's all zero's. It gives the wrong idea of what is being shown.

Another side effect is that it hides the real, non-zero, data. There are area's of small orange and blue bars. But they're difficult to spot due to the gray colors on top.

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Updated by Koen Deforche over 10 years ago

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