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10:20 AM Wt Bug #12630 (New): The open editor in WAbstractItemView forwards mouse events to WAbstractItemView
If I open a cell for editing and make a mouse click in the editor then the view sends the corresponding signals "clic... Andreas Frolov


01:54 PM Wt Bug #12601 (New): WTableView sends "mouseDown" event with wrong property
When you click on a table cell, the `Wt-spacer` object sends an event where `#document` is set as the targe...
Andreas Frolov


10:40 AM Wt Bug #12429 (New): WAbsractItemView does not reset the current sort column when the model is replaced or reset
Andreas Frolov


01:32 PM Wt Bug #12036 (Implemented @Emweb): Change of WCheckBox state removes additional css classes
Only with WBootstrap5Theme
``` cpp
auto cb = Wt::WApplicat...
Andreas Frolov


12:44 PM Wt Bug #11882 (Closed): Bootstrap theme breaks layout of WGroupBox
The problem occurs when a layout of WGroupBox is a WGridLayout and has a nested layout. Widgets are positioned outsid... Andreas Frolov


01:05 PM Wt Bug #11875 (InProgress): WBoxLayout incorrectly calculates the size of scrollable widgets
I expect in my example that the widgets with the same scale factor get the same size. Unfortunately it isn't. The lar... Andreas Frolov


09:18 AM Wt Bug #11848 (Closed): WSuggestionPopup fails when popup content is unfiltered
This happens when the call to display comes from the server.
``` cpp
Application::Application(const Wt::WEnvironm...
Andreas Frolov


02:46 PM Wt Bug #11257 (New): Validator changes the order of signals
I have a dialog window with LineEdit and a default button. If I change the text in LineEdit and then press the return... Andreas Frolov


09:56 AM Wt Bug #11108 (New): WTreeView don't send "expanded" signal before rendering
The example shows the problem
``` cpp
auto layout = std::make_unique<Wt::WVBoxLayout>();
auto view1 = layout->...
Andreas Frolov


02:36 PM Wt Bug #10722 (New): WGridLayout does not calculate width or position correctly
I use the following example to illustrate the problem.
``` cpp
void showDialog()
auto layout = std::make_...
Andreas Frolov

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