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02:46 PM Wt Help: RE: Include a java script keyboard
Thanks David, this was extremely useful for me.
Just to warn people that I had an issue with using the preview optio...
Mark O'Donovan


10:35 AM Wt Bug #6576: Wt 3.3.11 Javascript WTimer issue
Works for me, Thanks
Mark O'Donovan


01:43 PM Wt Bug #6576 (Closed): Wt 3.3.11 Javascript WTimer issue
I'm experiencing an issue after upgrading to 3.3.11.
After the application loads it sometimes locks up.
I can...
Mark O'Donovan


03:38 PM Wt Open discussion: Consider adding Wt::VisibleRole to Wt::ItemDataRole
Have you considered adding a VisibleRole or RowVisibleRole to Wt::ItemDataRole ?
The model should return a boolean i...
Mark O'Donovan


06:20 PM Wt Help: RE: Help needed with Combo boxes inside database WTableViews
I am having the same issue.
I believe the WTableview will not call setModelData() because editing has not been trigg...
Mark O'Donovan


11:20 AM Wt Open discussion: WSortFilterProxyModel and reset signal
WSortFilterProxyModel does not handle the reset signal.
I use this as sometimes I change the number of columns in th...
Mark O'Donovan


12:18 PM Wt Bug #4553 (New): Wt segfault in WMessageResources::hibernate()
Wt can segfault in WMessageResources::hibernate() if loadInMemory\_ is false.
The issue occurs if the function is ca...
Mark O'Donovan


06:15 PM Wt Bug #4509 (Closed): Deleting empty layout segfault
Calling clear on an empty WContainer with a layout set causes segfault.
Calling 'delete' on a layout causes a chain ...
Mark O'Donovan


09:20 AM Wt Help: RE: WItemDelegate segfault
Here's the bug report:
This "table->closeEditors() in updateData()" is...
Mark O'Donovan
09:12 AM Wt Bug #4433 (Closed): If dataChanged() is called for a view index that is being edited, the program will segfault.
See attached example which uses WItemDelegate.
It uses a WTimer to call the updateData() function.
This emits the...
Mark O'Donovan

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