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11:00 PM Wt Bug #11890 (Closed): Accessing destructed object when Wt::WPopupWidget is deleted inside hidden handler
According to the `Wt::WPopupWidget` documentation, a `Wt::WPopupWidget` may be destructed inside the event handler co... Dries Mys


09:05 PM Wt Bug #11669: Delayed invisible changes end up in prelearned stateless slot
Note that those delayed invisible changes may also end up in another (unrelated) learned slot. Dries Mys


11:24 PM Wt Bug #11669 (Implemented @Emweb): Delayed invisible changes end up in prelearned stateless slot
Consider the following example:
void MyApplication::initialize()
// construct a large invisible widge...
Dries Mys


02:23 PM Wt Bug #11628 (New): Application logic attack prevention: hidden buttons (and others widgets) are clickable
Your site mentions the following built-in security feature:
- Application logic attack prevention. Only those eve...
Dries Mys


02:56 PM Wt Bug #11274: Static resource and suggestFileName
I agree that such a method (i.e. Http::Response::suggestFilename()) would be useful. However this seems to me rather ... Dries Mys


05:25 PM Wt Improvements #11272: WTextEdit / TinyMCE improvements
TinyMCE 5 seems to work properly.
+1 for switching to a new version by default. TinyMCE 3 and 4 our both End of Su...
Dries Mys
05:19 PM Wt Improvements #11249: Support Wt::WTextEdit::setPlaceholderText
Note that the proposed solution only works for setting the placeholder on first render, but TinyMCE does not seem to ... Dries Mys


03:24 PM Wt Improvements #11267 (New): Support changing readonly state after editor is rendered.
Currently the readonly attribute is only correctly applied on first render. Later changes are applied on the hidden t... Dries Mys


06:42 PM Wt Improvements #11249 (New): Support Wt::WTextEdit::setPlaceholderText
Supporting placeholders should be quite easy: just call the base implementation.
The textarea placeholder is supp...
Dries Mys


06:12 PM Wt Bug #11230: Unsuspending fails for Wt::WTextEdit inside Wt::WTemplate
Minor remark: error message about the not exposed signal is still present (but it doesn't affect the app functionality). Dries Mys

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