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09:01 PM Wt Feature #12830 (New): Release memory back to the OS
As Wt is often used as a long running process, it would be useful to implement some logic to return memory back to th... Dries Mys


02:00 PM Wt Help: RE: Recommended approach to initialise a custom js library
Dear Matthias,
Thanks for the clear information.
If `loadJavascript` is the/your preferred approach in certain ...
Dries Mys


02:17 PM Wt Feature #12817 (New): Support organisation specific authorization endpoint
Some OAuth platforms use organization specific authorization endpoints, f.ex. the [Microsoft identity platform](https... Dries Mys


10:37 PM Wt Help: Recommended approach to initialise a custom js library
What is the recommended approach to initialize a custom library once for each `Wt::WApplication` instance?
Dries Mys


05:24 PM Wt Bug #12664 (New): Wt::Mail::Client::send always fails after trying to send to an invalid email address
Trying to send to an invalid email address may result in receiving a SMTP 501 response. Wt spawns the following error... Dries Mys


06:55 PM Wt Improvements #12464 (New): WStreamResource: support request specific mime type
`WStreamResource` assumes the mime type is fixed. However, in a real application the actual mime type can depend on t... Dries Mys
06:42 PM Wt Bug #12463 (New): Thread safety of WStreamResource
Looking at the source code of `WStreamResource`, it doesn't seem to be thread safe as it reads and writes to the clas... Dries Mys


12:30 PM Wt Feature #12148: translate="no" attribute in html - Tag
Note that this issue is related to Bug #11129 (html lang attribute is not correctly set in plain html mode (including... Dries Mys


11:00 PM Wt Bug #11890 (Closed): Accessing destructed object when Wt::WPopupWidget is deleted inside hidden handler
According to the `Wt::WPopupWidget` documentation, a `Wt::WPopupWidget` may be destructed inside the event handler co... Dries Mys


09:05 PM Wt Bug #11669: Delayed invisible changes end up in prelearned stateless slot
Note that those delayed invisible changes may also end up in another (unrelated) learned slot. Dries Mys

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