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08:32 AM Wt Open discussion: Javascript variable and C++ data member
I would like to store the contents of a Javascript string variable in to a std::string
data member of a class....
denis Bertini
08:24 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: Embedded svg canvas in WContainerWidget
Hi Koen,
I could not find out how to use WFitLayout from within a WGridLayout to solve the
sizing problem.
On t...
denis Bertini


12:21 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Embedded svg canvas in WContainerWidget
Hi Koen,
Thanks for your answer. will look at this !
What i meant is that the svg canvas put inside a WGridLayout ...
denis Bertini


04:12 PM Wt Open discussion: Embedded svg canvas in WContainerWidget
I have embedded an svg canvas ( javascript standalone code ) within
a WContainerWidget. When i used Auto Sizin...
denis Bertini


12:13 PM Wt Open discussion: Draggable WTreeNode on WTree not possible?
From the Wt class design it seems that is is not supported to drag a component of a WTree ( aka WTreeNode) sinc...
denis Bertini


01:02 PM Wt Open discussion: Drag & Drop example on WtreeNode ?
Hi all,
Is there any example using Drag and Drop with WTreeNode that i can
use as a starter ?
Thanks in advance...
denis Bertini


01:16 PM Wt Open discussion: 2D Histogramm in Wt
Is there a simple way to use Charts in Wt with binned data (i.e 2D histograms )
Any body having experience wi...
denis Bertini


10:32 AM Wt Help: OpenGL in MacOSx
I try to install Wt 3.3.5 on MacOsx and i realised that the OpenGL
library are not found even though there ar...
denis Bertini


12:54 PM Wt Bug #4521 (Closed): wt 3.3.5 installation problem
Hi all,
I am facing an installation problem linked to libGraphicsMagick on Mint 17.2 ( g 4.8 )
Here the output &g...
denis Bertini


06:14 AM Wt Help: Wt::Pixmap?
Hi ,
I was wondering if there is in Wt an equivalent of the QPixmap class in QT ?
Which class can one choose for ...
denis Bertini

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