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Reported issues: 196


05:26 pm Wt Bug #6573 (Closed): Progressive bootstrap breaks WSuggestionPopup


12:24 pm Wt Bug #5584 (New): Wt::Http::Client abort() documentation incomplete
"FIXME" present in documentation of abort() function of Wt::Http::Client


04:07 pm Wt Bug #5550 (Implemented @Emweb): Prevent theme application for specific widgets


01:59 pm Wt Bug #5266 (Implemented @Emweb): A WDialog with Fade animation and Bootstrap 3 theme displays a bl...


01:09 pm Wt Bug #5542 (Implemented @Emweb): WBootstrapTheme should not set btn-default on a non-default button


12:37 pm Wt Bug #5459 (Closed): MouseWentDown event on WComboBox/WTableView enables drag on underlying container
Selecting an item in a WTableView or changing the selection of a WComboBox fires a mouseDrag event on the underlying ...


09:06 pm Wt Bug #5458 (Closed): WTreeView clear header items
Clearing the objects within a header item in a WTreeView does not remove the collapse/decollapse sign before header


06:57 pm Wt Bug #4729 (Closed): WKeyEvent::key() wrong value for function keys
06:56 pm Wt Bug #4733: WSuggestionPopup does not fire WFormWidget 'changed' signal
I tried to reproduce your problem but in my test cases the changed() signal is always emitted when the WLineEdit lose...
06:43 pm Wt Bug #4643 (Closed): Browser back navigation breaks WPopupWidget/WSuggestionPopup

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