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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
12754 Wt Support New Urgent Visual Studio Set up 06/17/2024 02:07 PM Actions
12753 JWt Bug New Normal commons-upload 1.3.3 has known vulnerabilities 06/17/2024 04:47 PM Actions
12737 Wt Bug New Normal Cancel all async operations on session process' socket when closing 06/10/2024 07:12 PM Actions
12676 Wt Bug New High Boost 1.8x.0 causes Wt compilation errors from boost::filesystem 05/21/2024 06:38 PM Actions
12675 Wt Improvements New Normal [Dbo::JsonSerializer] Support built-in types 05/17/2024 05:22 PM Actions
12664 Wt Bug New Normal Wt::Mail::Client::send always fails after trying to send to an invalid email address 05/07/2024 05:24 PM Actions
12630 Wt Bug New Normal The open editor in WAbstractItemView forwards mouse events to WAbstractItemView 04/24/2024 10:20 AM Actions
12615 Wt Support New Normal Boost 1.85 dropped directory_iterator 05/21/2024 06:45 PM Actions
12606 Wt Improvements InProgress Normal Allow WFileDropWidget to accept directories Korneel Dumon 04/11/2024 04:47 PM Actions
12601 Wt Bug New Normal WTableView sends "mouseDown" event with wrong property 04/10/2024 01:54 PM Actions
12587 Wt Bug New Normal (Pango) Font memory leak 04/04/2024 10:44 AM Actions
12547 Wt Bug New Normal Compile failure on Mac OS X with 14.4 SDK 03/27/2024 03:28 PM Actions
12538 Wt Bug Review Normal Adhere to RFC5322 for To/Cc fields 03/21/2024 04:55 PM Actions
12518 Wt Bug Review Normal Correct Treelist example documentation 03/14/2024 03:45 PM Actions
12496 Wt Feature New Normal Temporary directory and temporary file names 03/07/2024 02:37 AM Actions
12495 Wt Improvements New Normal Enable charting library to use external javascript libraries such as Charts.js or D3js 03/06/2024 04:22 PM Actions
12471 Wt Support New Normal Making Wt::WFileDropWidget visible 05/02/2024 12:57 PM Actions
12464 Wt Improvements New Normal WStreamResource: support request specific mime type 02/27/2024 06:55 PM Actions
12463 Wt Bug New Normal Thread safety of WStreamResource 02/27/2024 06:42 PM Actions
12461 Wt Feature InProgress Normal Add a WebSocket resource Matthias Van Ceulebroeck 02/27/2024 12:10 PM Actions
12429 Wt Bug New Normal WAbsractItemView does not reset the current sort column when the model is replaced or reset 02/19/2024 10:40 AM Actions
12424 Wt Bug New Normal WVideo throw WAbstractMedia: error parsing when working with large mvc table elements. 02/16/2024 08:40 AM Actions
12412 Wt Support New Normal dialog positions in wt3 vs wt4 02/14/2024 08:23 AM Actions
12407 Wt Bug New Normal clearing the selection in a submenu affects the parent menu 02/14/2024 09:35 AM Actions
12393 Wt Bug New Normal WLeafletMap JS error when refreshing after panning 02/08/2024 03:35 PM Actions
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