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01:19 pm Wt Help: RE: Accessing Restful API
Hi Roel,
Is it also possible to use this Wt::Http::Client without any WApplication object existing?
I'd like to h...


10:05 pm Wt Help: RE: Accessing Restful API
Hi Roel,
This is exactly what I needed! Thanks a lot!
Best regards,
02:54 pm Wt Help: Accessing Restful API
Hi all,
Which is the best way in Wt to access a (non-Wt) Restful API? Should JS be used, or are there other method...


09:49 am Wt Help: WPushbutton clicked signal
Hi all,
Is it possible to somehow get a pointer to a WPushButton after you click it? At this moment, the clicked()...


08:32 am Wt Help: Navigating between multiple Wt Applications
Hi all,
I have developed several applications in Wt, and would now like to develop a master login application. The...


11:29 am Wt Help: RE: Embedding C++ GUI app in Wt
Hi Roel,
Thanks for the fast reply. Let me explain in more detail: the desktop GUI application is a different appl...
10:47 am Wt Help: Embedding C++ GUI app in Wt
Hi all,
We are looking for a way to embed a C++ GUI application (.NET WinForms) in our Wt Application. Has anyone ...


10:00 am Wt Help: RE: Playing encrypted mp3
Hi Wim,
The GDPR regulations state that we should encrypt the audio files that our application records. This is ne...


01:52 pm Wt Help: Playing encrypted mp3
Hi all,
Because of the recent GDPR regulations, we are looking for ways to improve the data security of our softwa...


09:24 am Wt Bug #6321 (Feedback): Keep-alive requests are not being sent after pressing a download button
In my application, I have a WPushButton which is linked to a file. The way I implemented this is as follows:...

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