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10:34 PM Wt Bug #12288 (InProgress): Wt 4.10.3: Javascript 'Wt internal error' when using a WMenu and disabled WLayout
Using Wt 4.10.3 I still get this Javascript error, which started appearing in 4.10.2. Probably it is related to the f... Stefan Bn


02:59 PM Wt Bug #12143: Fix for 12006 causes exception.
I assume I see the same exception in my project using Wt 4.10.2. I do have a complex WLayout in my project and the ex... Stefan Bn


10:30 AM Wt Help: RE: Load Javascript File as ECMA 6 Module
I stumpled across this situation in my project as well. I've created a feature request for this:
Stefan Bn
10:28 AM Wt Feature #12111 (New): Provide support for ECMA 6 Module Javascript Files
ECMAScript 6 is state of the art in lots of Web projects. Wt should keep up and be able to integrate with Javascript ... Stefan Bn


09:59 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: Example of adding new DB table and indexes to existing database
Hi Mark,
I'm using SQLite as well and I do DB updates/upgrades on existing databes often. (Just a little context...
Stefan Bn


10:55 AM Wt Bug #12012 (Closed): WTreeView - Items don't get selected
With Wt 4.10.1 all my WTreeViews broke since none of the items can be selected by mouse-click anymore.
The `clicked...
Stefan Bn


12:13 AM Wt Bug #11852 (Closed): Wt::Mail::Message generates wrong DATE header when in localized app
When a WApplication runs in a localized environment other than "en|English" then Wt's E-Mail system might produce non... Stefan Bn


10:46 AM Wt Help: RE: Main process exited, how to log ?
I would change the timeout parameter in wt_config.xml to see if this behavior depends on the timeout (the default val... Stefan Bn


11:04 AM Wt Bug #11804 (Closed): WEmailValidator fails when domain name contains a hyphen
The new WEmailValidator introduced in Wt 4.10.0 does not allow hypens in the domain name.
Thus it rejects valid emai...
Stefan Bn


10:29 AM Wt Improvements #11772 (Review): Eleminate some warnings when compiling Wt with Clang
When compiling Wt with Clang several warnings are created. The dev team might not be aware of this, if they do not co... Stefan Bn

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