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01:16 PM Wt Open discussion: Wt-Team & Community: What is the future of Wt?
Hello Wt-Team & Wt-Community,
first of all, I'm a big fan and very grateful for Wt! I like the framework design an...
Stefan Bn


12:04 AM Wt Help: Dbo::FormModel & Dbo::FormView - How to change the database item?
I'm in the process of understanding Dbo::FormModel and Dbo::FormView. The Wt example `examples\dbo-form` s...
Stefan Bn


11:46 PM Wt Help: RE: Boost 1.85.0 breaks build
I issued a ticket for this (also, several of Wt examples get broken):
Stefan Bn
06:45 PM Wt Support #12615: Boost 1.85 dropped directory_iterator
Just ran into the same issue and didn't notice this ticket. The Wt examples are also affected by this issue, see:
Stefan Bn
06:38 PM Wt Bug #12676: Boost 1.8x.0 causes Wt compilation errors from boost::filesystem
Just found out: this has also been reported here:
Stefan Bn
06:36 PM Wt Bug #12676 (New): Boost 1.8x.0 causes Wt compilation errors from boost::filesystem
There seem to be changes in Boost 1.8x.x boost::filesystem that break the compilation of Wt 4.1x.x library and some W... Stefan Bn


10:34 PM Wt Bug #12288 (InProgress): Wt 4.10.3: Javascript 'Wt internal error' when using a WMenu and disabled WLayout
Using Wt 4.10.3 I still get this Javascript error, which started appearing in 4.10.2. Probably it is related to the f... Stefan Bn


02:59 PM Wt Bug #12143: Fix for 12006 causes exception.
I assume I see the same exception in my project using Wt 4.10.2. I do have a complex WLayout in my project and the ex... Stefan Bn


10:30 AM Wt Help: RE: Load Javascript File as ECMA 6 Module
I stumpled across this situation in my project as well. I've created a feature request for this:
Stefan Bn
10:28 AM Wt Feature #12111 (New): Provide support for ECMA 6 Module Javascript Files
ECMAScript 6 is state of the art in lots of Web projects. Wt should keep up and be able to integrate with Javascript ... Stefan Bn

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