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04:31 AM Wt Wiki edit: Sample_Wt_Applications (#12)
Removed the dead link to Charles Brockman
04:30 AM Wt Wiki edit: Using_CSS (#5)
Removed another dead link to Charles Brockman


03:45 AM Wt Wiki edit: Ideas_for_Google_SoC (#20)
Corrected URL for OpenSocial. Charles Brockman
03:38 AM Wt Wiki edit: Installing_Wt_on_Ubuntu (#24)
Corrected asio library URL at SourceForge. Charles Brockman


08:14 PM Wt Wiki edit: Using_CSS (#4)
Corrected heading hierarchy (h3 > h2 and h4 > h3). The Website no longer exists. Charles Brockman


10:47 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: A Wt Application Embedded in an Existing Website
That's encouraging. Over the next several days I'll implement my plan and start by adapting the example in \\wt-3.2.1... Charles Brockman
03:41 AM Wt Open discussion: A Wt Application Embedded in an Existing Website
I have a C desktop application that I want to move to the Web using Wt. My intention is to make the application avail... Charles Brockman


04:41 AM Wt Wiki edit: Using_CMake (#9)
Corrected heading hierarchy. (h4 > h2 and h5 > h3) Charles Brockman


10:17 PM Wt Wiki edit: Installing_Wt_on_MS_Windows (#41)
Reordered sections. Raised "Running the Examples" up one level in the heading hierarchy. Charles Brockman


01:21 AM Wt Wiki edit: Installing_Wt_on_MS_Windows (#40)
Changed zlib reference so that it is not version-specific. Charles Brockman

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